One Strategy - 11 Priorities


Priority Areas

The Danube Region Strategy addresses a wide range of issues; these are divided among 4 pillars and 11 priority areas (see image). Each priority area is managed by 2 Priority Area Coordinators (PACs). To find out more about the role of PACs, please see Governance. To read the Implementation Reports for each Priority Area go to the Key Documents section.





PA 1A | Mobility | Waterways

Priority Area 1A "To improve mobility and intermodality of inland waterways" is coordinated by Austria and Romania.
PA 1B | Mobility | Rail-Road-Air

Priority Area 1B "To improve mobility and intermodality - rail, road and air" is coordinated by Slovenia and Serbia.
PA 02 | Energy

Priority Area 2 "To encourage more sustainable energy" is coordinated by Hungary and the Czech Republic.
PA 03 | Culture & Tourism

Priority Area 03 "To promote culture and tourism, people to people contacts" is coordinated by Bulgaria and Romania.
PA 04 | Water Quality

Priority Area 4 of the EUSDR "To restore and maintain the quality of waters" is coordinated by Hungary and Slovakia.
PA 05 | Environmental Risks

Priority Area 05 of the EUSDR "To manage environmental risks" is coordinated by Hungary and Romania.
PA 06 | Biodiversity, landscapes, quality of air and soils

Priority Area 06 "To preserve biodiversity, landscapes and the quality of air and soils" is coordinated by the Land Bavaria (Germany) and Croatia.
PA 07 | Knowledge Society

Priority Area 07 "To develop the Knowledge Society (research, education and ICT)" is coordinated by Slovakia and Serbia.


PA 08 | Competitiveness

Priority Area 08 "To support the competitiveness of enterprises" is coordinated by the Land Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and Croatia.


PA 09 | People & Skills

Priority Area 09 of the EUSDR "To invest in people and skills" is coordinated by Austria and Moldova.


PA 10 | Institutional capacity and cooperation

Priority Area 10 "To step up institutional capacity and cooperation" is coordinated by the City of Vienna (Austria) and Slovenia.


PA 11 | Security

Priority Area 11 of the EUSDR "To work together to tackle security and organised crime" is coordinated by Germany and Bulgaria.

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